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Aaron Rodgers, Danica Patrick call it quits

Covering the private life of a public figure often presents a tough call. But when the private life of a public figure includes another public figure, it becomes a lot easier.

Three years ago, we pointed out that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and actress Olivia Munn had ended their relationship. And so we decided, after seriously considering not mentioning it at all but realizing that others (including ESPN.com) had, to post a blurb regarding the fact that Rodgers and Danica Patrick has ended.

And so there it is: Their relationship has ended.

They had met, per ESPN.com, in 2012 at the ESPYs. They began dating in 2017, and they went public in 2018.

Even though they weren’t married, the uncoupling carries with it some complications, including but not limited to a $28 million Malibu estate that they bought together in December.

Which is the kind of issue many can relate to following a breakup. If the $28 million Malibu estate were a dog or a bird or a $200 TV from Best Buy.

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