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DeMaurice Smith: If you want football, wear a mask

The head of the NFL Players Association is telling football fans that if they want the sport they love to return, the way to get it is to wear a mask.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said today that wearing a mask, which helps slow the spread of COVID-19, is a simple thing that everyone can do to cut down the number of infections and make it safe for the NFL season to start, with at least some fans in the stands.

“We’re at a point where what’s good for this country is good for sports,” Smith said. “Nothing will bring fans back to stadiums quicker than the simple decision to wear a mask.”

Smith is right: Compared to the other sacrifices Americans have made over the last five months — including sacrificing their jobs, their health and in some cases their lives — wearing a mask is no sacrifice at all. And it’s proven to be effective at curbing the spread of the virus. America will get back to normal, and football will get back to normal, when the country beats this virus. And for that to happen, everyone needs to wear a mask.

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