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What’s in Their Pockets? An Adorable Look at What Children Around the World Carry As Treasure

Looking into a child’s pocket opens a magical window onto their daily experience.

Small children in six countries emptied the contents of their pockets and were asked about their haul. From Argentina to the Ukraine, the results were as cute and baffling as you might expect.

It all started with an idea. SavingSpot reached out to parents in 16 countries who had children younger than age 6.

The six families chosen to be featured in the story all agree that it has been an adventure to discover what their kiddos are carrying around as treasures.

The biggest similarity among the international kids was candy. Half of them said it was their favorite thing to keep in their pocket.

When asked, ‘If you could fit anything in your pocket, what would it be?’, William, from the USA, doubled down on his sweet tooth, saying: “Five thousand pieces of candy!”

On one memorable day, William’s pockets contained Skittles with all the colors licked off. He told his parents the colorless Skittles were candies for Harry Potter.

Nadya from the Ukraine chose ‘slime’ as the number one thing she wished she could carry in her pocket. The reason? Because “mother forbids it.”

The fun continued when parents were asked the question: “What‘s the weirdest thing you found in their pockets?”

The mother of Bilal, a five-year-old from India, answered with four words. “My husband’s credit card.”

Wyatt’s parent in the U.K admitted, “I was both incredibly confused and relieved when I found my missing house keys there once.” She explained, “Not all of my house keys, just the keys that were attached to a BB-8 key ring that he’d decided was now his.”

At least one parent believes that surprise is no longer possible: “Experience has taught me to never be surprised by what Wyatt manages to stash in his pockets.”

When a photo was taken of the items in the 4-year-old’s pocket, they found a stick, miniature t-rex, lego, marble, pebble, a Linus figure, and a car. He explained that each object was important.

“It’s a good stick; I like dinosaurs; it’s Batman’s car; I like the stone; and, ‘he’s Snoopy’s friend’.” The marble is to remind him of a wish he has to own a ball.

Brigid, from the USA, said her items consisted of “my treasure collection from when we were playing pirates.”

Brigid’s parents were surprised when they saw the seashells had remained unbroken.

Pockets not only reveal how imaginative (or hungry) a child has been on a particular day, but how they interact with friends.

The parents of Dante, a 4-year-old from Argentina, explained, “Dante is very social and keeps gifts from his friends in his pockets—or candies to share with them.”

Bilal’s pockets—beyond containing a toy car and coins—also included tissues—which is the only thing a majority of parents are asking their children to carry.

Given the ‘slime’ answer, that’s no surprise.

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